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Electrical Contractor Services


Price Electric is your local full-service electrical contracting company.

Price Electric is now serving FORT MYERS, FLORIDA. Call (239) 910-0802 for Fort Myers Beach Area electrical services.

If you have an emergency or need an electrician, call (319) 393-6406 for the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City corridor and surrounding areas.

In Des Moines, call (515) 957-9027. 

In Manchester, IA, call (563) 920-3121.

We have emergency electricians 24/7. 

You can call now for service, installations, or a free estimate.

Price Electric provides electrical services across Eastern Iowa. In addition, we service Cedar Rapids, Marion, Iowa City, and Des Moines. In addition, we now offer service at our Fort Myers, Florida location.

Our traveling electricians work nationwide: Florida, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, New York, New Mexico, Indiana, Minnesota, Illinois, Colorado, Mississippi,  Nebraska, and more.
Our Price Electric team has over 190 customer-oriented employees.
Our electricians can manage any project, no matter the size or scope of the project. We bring success to any project.
Price Electric delivers high-quality electrical work on any project.
Price Electric has six markets that we serve.
These include:
Utility Contracts, including Traffic Projects
Residential Services – Home or Multi-Home
Electrical Service
Virtual Construction Services

Careers – Electricians


At Price Electric, we’re looking for people who are passionate about service and want to start a new career in the electrical industry. We’re expanding our team, and we’re looking for you.

We’re headquartered in Robins, Iowa, but our services are available throughout Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Des Moines. In addition to that, we also provide electrical service to the Fort Myers Beach area in Florida.

If you want to travel and see more of the country while learning new skills and growing your career, join our traveling workforce!

We invest in our employees’ education and training—guiding them through their apprenticeship and assisting our existing team members with professional development opportunities. If you have a passion for people and like working with them, this is the place for you!

We treat our employees like family. That’s why we offer job security—if one of our employees moves up within the company or decides to leave for another opportunity, they can take their skills wherever they go.

Trades Career Path

You will achieve overall job satisfaction with the ability to apply your skills regularly.

Our electrical apprentices receive on-the-job training. As a result, they earn while they learn.

Apprentices are exposed to various aspects of work alongside experienced staff members. We believe in tapping into our team’s strengths and allowing them to learn, grow, and add value.

From the buildings we occupy to the roads we drive on, skilled trades workers keep our communities running strong.

Electrical Career VS. College?

  • People in the skilled trades are essential.  They have built this country since its inception.  If skilled tradespeople disappeared tomorrow, society would grind to a halt.
  • In 2019, the construction and manufacturing industry grew by an average of 23,000 monthly jobs.
  • Workers in this industry are knowledgeable and use math and science in their jobs every day. However, they must learn to think outside the box, plan, predict problems, lead and mentor others, and negotiate with customers and industry partners.

Make More Money

A student choosing to go into a 4-year apprenticeship will graduate from the program earning more per hour than most 4-year graduates.

These same students will also have earned approximately $197,000 with no student loan debt.

Apprentices can earn $50,000 to $70,000 after on-the-job training.

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Since 1996, Jeremy Price has been building something special.

As a 23-year-old electrician working out of his garage, Jeremy founded Price Electric as an electrical-industrial company. Over 20 years, we have evolved into a full-service electrical contractor with over 190 dedicated employees across three Eastern Iowa and Central Florida locations.

Throughout our growth, Jeremy has remained focused on the two key elements that built the foundation of his business: employees and customers.

Our growth is attributed to our commitment to providing unparalleled customer satisfaction. In addition, our expertise in all areas of electrical construction makes us one of the most trusted electrical contractors in the area.

Many changes have occurred since Jeremy founded his business in the mid-nineties. However, what hasn’t changed and will continue to be at the core of his company’s success is his investment in its most precious commodity: people.