At Price Electric, building successful relationships with our customers and developing rewarding careers for our employees is the key to success.

Convenience and customer satisfaction are always at the forefront of our mission.

We use state-of-the-art technologies and innovative practices while holding onto core values such as hard work and dedication to ensure maximum value for our customers and owners.

By consistently striving towards these goals, Price Electric has created more opportunities for career growth among its staff members.

Our Mission

Price Electric Mission Statement: Building Success – People, Projects, Community

Price Electric electricians are professional and the best in our field.

Our culture is built around “Making our customers’ lives easier and our employees’ lives more rewarding.”

Our employees understand and support our culture and our core values.

This leads to our employees and companies’ success.

Core Values

Pursue Lasting Relationships: Our team members are willing to take the time and make the effort to build business and social relationships with our potential customers, coworkers, and associates.

Rely on Us: At Price Electric, we prioritize the needs of the company and customer and will do what we need to help solve the problem. We are willing to work the extra hours, stay late when needed, and help others, even if it is not our job.

Innovative Thinking: We are continuously working to improve our processes. We try new ideas to support change and drive us forward in our industry by keeping up with technology and being open-minded enough to think “outside the box.”

Create Opportunities for Success: Price Electric’s daily priority is to teach, mentor, and coach others so that they may be better at their career and life. We are willing to provide the opportunity and tools for others to be successful in what they are trying and ready to accomplish, whether that is within our company or community.

Everyone – Work Hard, Play Hard: Work Hard: Our Culture and Core Values are at the heart of our ability and willingness to come to work on time every day, work hard all day and be focused on achieving goals, completing the job and creating opportunities for success. Play Hard: We support the rest of the team socially both at work and outside of work. We are willing to give forth the effort to make work enjoyable, yet productive.

Our Team

Jeremy Price


Brenden Kuennen

Vice President/Project & Business Development Manager

Jim Ellis

Vice President/Field Operations

Jason Miller

Senior Project Manager

Jim Jones

Senior Business Development Manager

Kurt Kramer

Senior Project Manager

Debbie Patterson

Human Resources Director
Dan Weekly Price Electric Safety Officer


Safety Officer
Labor Force Manager

Adam Ruff

Workforce Manager

Jill Carlson

Chief Financial Officer

Rodney Kester

Service Project Manager/Estimator


At Price Electric, the safety and health of our team, customers, and the public is the core value of our business.

Priorities can be shifted, yet values are constant.

Occupational safety is a core value.

It will never be sacrificed for the sake of productivity.

Employees at every level of our organization are responsible for creating and maintaining a culture of commitment.

Our employees are committed to delivering the highest safety standards to protect our workers in the field and the public.

Our management team is committed to ensuring our employees have the knowledge and authority to recognize and correct any hazard they may find during their workday.

Dan Weekly

Safety Officer

Safety performance is a crucial indicator of organizational excellence.

It is said that you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Price Electric uses ABC’s Safety Training and Evaluation Process to set goals and benchmarks for our safety program.

Our Health, Safety, and Environmental (“HSE”) standards comply with all regulatory and legislative requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.

Our program continually evolves to stay current and compliant with all OSHA regulations, along with NFPA 70E requirements.

We listen to our employees.

The following principles are part of our core safety values:
Keeping a safe workplace is a team effort.
  • Safety is a value that is never compromised.
  • Working safely is a condition of your employment.
  • Our commitment to our safety culture starts at the management level and encourages employee engagement at all levels.
  • Employees are held accountable for their safety and the well-being of those in their work area.
  • Employees are responsible for following safe work practices and company policy and doing all they can to recognize and prevent hazards and injuries.
  • Every employee working at Price Electric has stop work authority; we are our brother’s keeper.
  • Most accidents are preventable by implementing an adequate safety and training program.
  • Company leaders must ensure that a safe work environment exists daily and that employees can bring safety and security issues to their attention without fear of retaliation.
  • Our employees always welcome safety suggestions and coaching.
Dan Weekly-Safety Professional of the Year


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