At VCS, we provide high-quality Building Information Modeling (BIM) coordination between our clients, designers and subcontractors throughout initial project planning stages. We help set your projects up for success by providing innovative solutions through clash detection, preplanning collaboration, and efficient scheduling.

Our History

Before 2010, Price Electric had used Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CAD) from time to time. However, our work on the Cedar Rapids Educational Leadership and Support Center provided an opportunity for our team to apply virtual construction and prefabrication to the job. It was necessary to isolate individual areas so we could plan where we wanted to utilize prefabrication.

Planning and prefabrication allow our team to work in a controlled environment, which is especially impactful during the middle of cold and snowy Iowa winters. During this project, we were able to maximize our workforce during the winter months. We were able to build a 170,000 square foot facility in just nine months of on-site construction using CAD to plan out each room of the building.

In just a few months, our team learned how to model an entire electrical room, including raceway and wireway ducts. Our executive team immediately saw the advantage this would be out in the field.

We are now an industry leader in the ICR area for virtual construction modeling and coordination. Through our Virtual Construction Services division, we now have the opportunity to work with the rest of the construction team on behalf of a general contractor.

Our Services

In addition to assisting existing clients, VCS specializes in outsourcing services to general contractors and partnering trades. We develop detailed 3D models to ensure a successful and efficient execution during your construction project.

BIM Modeling Services

Utilizing REVIT, our team turns 2D designs into 3D BIM Models. By doing so, they can assist with construction coordination, identify coordinating trade clashes and make recommendations for planning and prefabrication.

BIM Coordination

We review a project’s building systems to determine how they interact with each other and ensure those systems avoid problematic collisions.

Clash Detection

Save time and money with the early identification of coordinating trades. Our team will help identify and resolve any conflicts before construction begins.

BIM for Fabrication & Prefabrication

BIM helps facilitate construction workflows through designing building components. Planning and prefabrication ensure more efficient use of time and materials and help drive construction schedules.

Point Cloud to BIM

If you have a renovation, retrofit, or expansion construction project, our team can convert laser scan data into detailed 3D models.

3D Laser Scanning

A tool frequently used in the early project phase to ensure quality installation of all trades and other critical path items.

Our Projects

At VCS, our knowledgeable and experienced team have collaborated on a variety of projects, including wastewater treatment facilities, academic buildings, corporate offices, healthcare facilities, and more.

Our Team

Bryan Miller

Construction Engineer

Matt Bockenstedt

BIM Manager