Clarinda Wastewater Treatment Facility

Clarinda, IA

The Clarinda Wastewater Treatment Facility project has been implemented to serve the community and businesses of the county seat of Page County, IA.

Due to new DNR regulations, the older and undersized 1950s-era wastewater treatment facility has been replaced by a fully automated new plant that processes 2.2 million gallons of wastewater daily.

The new plant features a four-basin sequencing batch reactor process and a 4,000 sq. ft. operations building, which houses upgraded screening.

The project included the construction of several new structures, such as a decanter basin, a grit removal system, an aeration blower room, a main electrical room, a new UV disinfection system, offices, a lab, and storage.

Additionally, there are new outlying structures, including a large new capacity sludge storage tank and loadout station, raw lift station, and emergency generator.

The project also involved refurbishing and repurposing several existing structures, including an operations/digester building and clarifier structure now used exclusively for sludge digestion processes and a screen building repurposed to serve newly installed stormwater pumps.

In addition, the project utilized our Virtual Construction Services, including BIM modeling and prefabrication.

Phase I of the new plant project is thoroughly fine-tuned for maximum optimization, and Phase II has the digester processes online and automated.

The Clarinda Wastewater Treatment Facility is one of four decanter wastewater facilities in Iowa. Price Electric has upgraded two of them.

The Price Electric team completed the Clarinda Wastewater Treatment Project over two years, excelling in demonstrating their experience, skill level, leadership, and personal development.