Fareway Meat and Grocery – Commercial Contract

Rockwell City, IA
Fareway Commercial Project
Contractor: Dean Snyder

The Fareway Meat and Grocery was a commercial project in Rockwell, IA.

It involved a new structure built from the ground up. The Fareway Store included refrigeration units. These were for dairy and beer, a meat walk-in cooler, a walk-in produce cooler, and a walk-in freezer.

Our Prefabrication department assembled pipe racks and a gutter system for the wires.  This provided efficiency and time savings, while also looking great.

Spaces that needed power supplied included multiple refrigeration units, coolers, freezers, and more.

The Price Electric crew powered the cashier checkout station belts and point-of-sales systems. We wired up the condensing blowers important to the HVAC system. The blowers transferred heat from the refrigerant system to outside. Therefore it keeps the compressor from overheating.

Price Electric outfitted the building with over 150 light fixtures for displays, offices, and the coolers.

The Price Electric team installed outdoor wall packs, a hook up for a generator for backup power, and powered the Fareway sign.

The team installed 3 rooftop units for heating and cooling.

Price Electric was able to complete the project on time. We collaborated with Dean Snyder, Van Meter, and the Fareway Construction crew.