Geico Office Building

North Liberty, IA
Geico Office Building

The Geico project was a comprehensive nine-month endeavor that resulted in a two-story office building equipped with a large open office space, multiple conference rooms, and a complex server room with a UPS backup. The project was a collaborative effort involving the Price Electric team’s Commercial, Utility, Prefabrication, HiTech, and BIM divisions.

The project, valued at $1,300,000, spanned 50,000 square feet and took 21 months to complete. It was a 100% merit shop participation project with no subcontractors used.

The contracted scope included various tasks, from power and lighting distribution, switchgear installation, ‘nLight’ controls, and fixture installation to setting security and access control systems, a fire alarm evacuation system, and temporary power.

The project also involved extensive underground work for utility service, site lighting, and low-volt systems, including trenching and backfill for underground conduits and handholes.

The Geico project was not just about construction but about innovation. Innovative technologies such as a Trimble location system and BIM models ensured the project’s success.

The team’s adaptability and problem-solving skills were also displayed when they devised an ingenious approach to an issue with the parking lot lighting layout. They also utilized an automated conduit and wire rack schedule, a temp power/permanent power station, lighting controls, and RELOC modular wiring to expedite the schedule and reduce labor costs.

Geico implemented an ‘up-man’ to keep materials organized and readily available for the electricians, thereby minimizing downtime.

The Geico Office Building was awarded an ABC Award of Merit for this project.