Joint Communication Network

Fiber Trunk Line Project

The Joint Communications Network Fiber Trunk Line consisted of the extension of fiber optic communications services to numerous facilities and traffic signal cabinets owned by the City of Cedar Rapids, Linn County, and the Cedar Rapids School district (CRCSD). The first phase of the project included the installation of 9,500 fiber optic cable splices, 48-plus miles of underground conduit system, 150-plus miles of fiber optic cable, 418 handholes, 90 traffic signal cabinet modifications, and 68 building service entrances. Fiber optic cable installations ranged from 144-, to 48-, to 24-stand that were installed via hydraulic cap stands and power reels. Due to splicing constraints, the single longest run of fiber thru handholes was 17,500 feet totaling nearly 3.35 miles. The second phase of the project included the completion of over 9,500 fiber optic splices and terminations distributed among the network route, 90 traffic signal cabinets, 12 new data hub locations and 75 building entrances. These splices utilized fusion splicing units in an environmentally controlled splicing trailer. Upon completion of splices and terminations, certification testing was performed over the entire fiber network with an OTDR and power meter ensure at least minimum specified standards were met.