Kwik Star

Altoona, Iowa

The Kwik Star project in Altoona included a collaboration with VCS, Prefabrication, our HITECH division, and Price Electric.

Price Electric teamed up with Dean Snyder Construction on this new Kwik Star. This truck stop is one of the largest that Kwik Star has developed since its inception.

This extremely fast-paced project was on a very tight schedule. It was completed within three months, thanks to hard work and extra hours. Over 50 Price Electric employees participated in the success of this project.

VCS designed the underground prefabricated skid and all the lighting.

The HITECH Communications division installed the fire alarm and security systems.

Price Electric did the complete wiring for this massive truck stop project. This included wiring for an entire diesel terminal with 10 diesel dispensers, 20 gas, and pumps. The project also had a full kitchen, shower facilities, walk-in coolers, laundry area, point-of-sale registers, pop dispensers, and a standard convenience store.

Price Electric also wired the lighting and security for the semi-truck parking.