How to Childproof your Electrical Outlets and Power Strips

According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, “hospitals across the country treat nearly seven children for electric shock and burn injuries related to tampering with wall outlets each day.”


When you have an outlet that is open with nothing plugged into it you may be tempting a child to poke something inside. Childproofing an open outlet is easy and inexpensive with the use of outlet caps. These caps plug directly into the outlet and are plastic. It will be difficult for a child to remove the cap as the front is flat against the outlet.

Damaged or malfunctioning outlets can be a major safety hazard in your home. Electrical products are part of our every day lives. They are in every room of your home. Appliance, lamps, computers, alarm clocks, televisions and the list goes on!

Extension Cords in your home with children can be dangerous for the following reasons:

  • An object stuck in an open outlet can cause electric shock
  • Babies may chew on extension cords
  • Children may trip over loose cords
  • If a child pulls on the cord the item it is attached to could fall on them

Extension cords are meant for temporary use. If you have a location you constantly need an extension cord, call Price Electric to have an additional outlet installed at that location.


  • Shorten long cords
  • Secure cords that could trip your child
  • Cover all outlets that do not have a plug inside them

Need assistance in child proofing your home? Call Price Electric to schedule a certified electrician to come to your home at 319-393-6406 x 228.

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  • I have two kids who loves playing around. This is just very helpful to keep them safe from electric-related accidents.


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