Electrical Foreman, Sam Brugman, July Employee Spotlight

Meet Sam Brugman, from Solon, IA, one of Price Electric’s, People You Can Rely On. Sam Brugman is a Foreman at our Price Electric, Des Moines Branch. Lately, Sam has been running some smaller clean water and wastewater projects, which includes coordinating the installation of gear, equipment, wire, manpower and making sure the project stays on schedule.  Sam’s favorite project was the Johnston Booster Station because it was one of the first projects that he saw from almost the beginning to the end. His favorite Price Electric Core Value is “Employees Work Hard and Play Hard”. He enjoys getting together with co-workers for the weekly dinner or bags night.  When he’s not working, Sam enjoys hanging out with his girlfriend and dog, grilling, fishing, or visiting different State parks.

Who inspired your career choice?

My grandpa, Robert Dale, was an electrician many years ago in Cedar Rapids.

Tell us about relocating from the Price Electric home base in Robins to Price Electric in Des Moines.

Price Electric promotes a lot within the company. I was working as an apprentice in Robins, and I jumped at the chance to be a Foreman in Des Moines.

What are three words to describe Price Electric?

  • Rewarding
  • Fun
  • Challenging

What is something that people may be surprised to find out about you?

I was a head cook at Red Lobster. I’m a pretty good cook and can pretty much, put any recipe together. I recently made a delicious ravioli soup for my girlfriend. It was really good!

What is one thing on your bucket list?

I’d love to go on an Alaskan Cruise.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is the people I work with and the feeling of accomplishment from completing a project. I like to see the results of the work that my co-workers and I have done. My co-workers have the same mindset when it comes to work and play.

When are you happiest?

When I’m around my family. My family is very close, we have a pretty odd dynamic because we’re very fun, funny, and loving. We are very close. We’re not too serious and are pretty laid back.

If you could do a different job for one day, what would it be?

I watch the TV show, The Deadliest Catch a lot! So being a crab fisherman for a day to see if I can handle it, aboard a fishing vessel in the Bering Sea.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering working at Price Electric?

If you want a rewarding career, work hard at it.

What is one of your proudest moments at Price Electric.

It’s between passing my journeyman’s test or when I was given the opportunity to take on a leadership role.


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