Potential Injuries from DIY Electrical Work

DIY Electrical work is not a good idea. The certified electricians at Price Electric make safety a top priority.

Why to avoid DIY electrical work?

The main reason to avoid doing DIY electrical work is to avoid causing harm to yourself or others. One wrong move, and you could quickly cause harm to yourself, someone else or property. Safety is a top priority at Price Electric and by hiring a certified electrician you can avoid these potential safety issues. Electricity is highly volatile and can be hard to predict without the proper training. It only takes one minor error and you can cause a fire to your home or business. You may find many articles on how to wire an outlet or fan beware reading how to do something does not qualify you to do it correctly. The experts at Price Electric are certified and have hands on experience to assure the work is done quickly and in a safe and proper way.

Common DIY Injuries

The number one causer of home fires is electrical issues and mistakes. Training and experience are required to assure the work is done right. Hire an electrician from Price Electric to avoid these common DIY injuries.

1 – Burns

2 – Fatality

3 – Electrical Shock

4 – Property loss or damage

5 – Fire

Something that seems as simple as a bulb change could result in property loss if the correct bulb wattage is not used. Count on us for all your residential electrical needs. We have a quick response time, high safety rankings and reasonable rates.

Next time you need electrical work, trust in the certified technicians at Price Electric. It is not worth the risk of harming yourself or causing damage to your home or business. Price Electrical offers fair pricing and an estimate can always be provided free of charge.

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