Power Strip Safety


  • Only use light load appliances on power strips such as computers, clocks, audio/video components, and lamps.
  • Make sure you buy power strips with an internal circuit breaker.
  • Always have the cord straight while in use.
  • Discard any cord with damaged wires or cracks.
  • Use in well-ventilated areas.
  • Assure the cord is correctly inserted into an outlet. They should not show any of the metal prongs.


  • Do not staple or nail a power strip to something.
  • Never continue the use of a power strip that feels hot.
  • One power strip should not be plugged into another.
  • Don’t use in potentially wet or moist areas. This may include kitchens, utility rooms, and basements.
  • Don’t run power strips frequently. They are not made to run for extended periods. This could lead to overheating if used often.
  • Never plug a space heater, microwave oven, refrigerator, or large appliance into a power strip.
  • The flexible power cord should never be routed through windows, ceilings, floors, or openings

”Power strips” (as they are most commonly referred to), “Surge/Spike Protectors,” or “Portable Outlets” typically consist of multiple electrical receptacles.

They have an on/off power switch, a circuit breaker, and a grounded, flexible power cord.

Power strips range in appearance from plastic-coated heads to banks of plug-in outlets encased in large metal boxes.

They are often accompanied by LED switches that indicate when the units are turned on.

Some models include a push button that automatically trips if the strip becomes too hot for safe operation.”

Power strips are fine to use in moderation if you observe proper safety.


Many people need to correct the error of using power strips too often. The simple solution? You can install more outlets.

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