Residential Journeyman, Zech Scott, April Employee Spotlight

Meet Zech Scott, one of Price Electric’s People You Can Rely On. Zech is a service electrician. He is responsible for running small projects, troubleshooting problems, wiring devices, running or pulling wire, demo work, customer relations, and filling in on jobs when needed. The Price Electric Core Value that Scott identifies with the most is, Work Hard and Play Hard. “Anyone who works hard deserves to play hard and anyone who puts their 110% forward deserves to go and have fun on their time off.” Zech’s hobbies include disc golf, soccer, gaming, playing instruments, and collecting knives, bourbon, and whisky.

What do you like most about Price Electric?

Safety is big. People here are nice and respectful and treat you really well. Price Electric is one of the best companies in Iowa by far.

Can you give advice (in 5 words or less) for others thinking about a profession with Price Electric?

“Keep a positive attitude always.”

What was the most interesting or unusual job you had before working at Price Electric?

I was in the military as Fire Directions Support in artillery. I’d tell the big guns, tanks, and cannons where to aim, what kind of projectile to use and what rounds to use.

What has been your favorite project at Price Electric so far and why?

My favorite project at Price so far has been the Clarinda Wastewater Treatment Plant Project. I probably learned more on that job than I did my first year of my apprenticeship, due to not having much industrial experience. Working in industrial showed me a different side of electrical. I worked on bigger things like generators, VFD’s, motor control centers, and rigid conduit. In addition, the people employed with Price Electric are awesome and are a pleasure to work with.

What is on your bucket list?

I’d like to build my own house from the ground up.

What is your favorite meal?

I’m not too picky, a good cut of steak or some good sushi.

Can you describe Price Electric in three words?

  • Great
  • Fair
  • Good (good management and there are good people that work here)

What has been your proudest moment at Price Electric so far?

My proudest moment at Price Electric was finishing my electrical apprenticeship and getting my electrical license.


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