The Price Electric Prefabrication division provides a safe environment for assembling redundant and advanced electrical components in a controlled environment.

This results in a higher level of quality and less job-site waste, which helps expedite the construction schedule and ensures a uniform installation.

Duct Bank Cages and Underground Conduit

Price Electric will assemble duct bank cages and install specific underground conduits at its prefabrication warehouse.

The assemblies will then be shipped to the site for accelerated underground installation.

Advanced Conduit Assemblies

Whether it’s standard stub-outs or advanced electrical room conduit assemblies, Price Electric’s Prefabrication Department can build these advanced assemblies in a controlled environment and deliver them to the job site exactly when the installation is needed.

Underground Skid

The Price Electric team is loading up this Underground Skid for a project.

Under Slab Conduits

The Price Electric crew installed these under-slab conduits in an administration building at a Wastewater Treatment Plant.