Adam Ruff

Workforce Manager
Labor Force Manager

Adam has been in the electrical industry since 1998 and with Price Electric since 2004. He brings a wealth of knowledge to our team after working in all areas of the company.

He started at Price Electric as a journeyman electrician. Then he progressed to an Electrical Foreman, Field Supervisor, and Senior Field Supervisor and is now Price Electric’s Workforce Manager.

Adam works directly and indirectly with Price Electric’s field staff with planning, setting goals, training, and eliminating waste. He sets best practice, communication, and organization standards. Adam works with our field leaders on leadership skills.

Adam attended Hempstead High School in Dubuque, IA. He then attended Kirkwood Community College for a Parks and Natural Resources degree.

He completed the ABC of Iowa electrical apprenticeship program. Adam was named Kelly Huffracker Employee of the Year in 2015, and in 2017, he won the ABC National Craft Professional of the Year.

ABC of Iowa has recognized many projects Adam has worked on through their Excellence in Construction Awards.

He is passionate about building on this culture of excellence by recruiting the best for the Price Electric team.

Adam lives with his wife, Sarah, and their two daughters in Ely, where he enjoys raising them. He enjoys coaching and watching them participate in wrestling, guitar lessons, taekwondo, rugby, and cross country.

Adam is an avid reader and lister of books and podcasts. He likes books and podcasts on the military, leadership, stoicism, personal health, and history.

Adam enjoys weight training, mountain biking, driving his jeep, and hiking.

After being a member of the Cedar Rapids Rugby Football Club for 12 years, he was inducted into the Cedar Rapids Rugby Hall of Fame in 2018. Since 2020, Adam has led Cedar Rapids Rugby Old Boys with monthly meetings and socials.

He now Inducts new people into the Cedar Rapids Rugby Hall of Fame and supports several Rugby Clubs in the Cedar Rapids area.

In 2023, Adam established The Cedar Rapids Prairie High School Rugby Club. The club participates in high school girls’ and boys’ rugby in Iowa.