Utility Foreman, Brent Klostermann July Employee Spotlight

Meet Brent Klostermann, one of Price Electric’s People You Can Rely On.

Brent is a Field Supervisor/Project Manager at Price Electric. He works in the Utility division on medium voltage, aerial, and traffic signal projects.

Brent coordinates the equipment with the day’s potential weather challenges and allocates the equipment as needed. This can be challenging as the equipment required may have been out for emergency repairs the previous night. He collaborates with the general contractors on scheduling and coordination.

Brent exemplifies the Price Electric core value, Rely on Us. Brent values his team and says, “The guys and I work hard to hit our customers’ goals, and we always seem to come out on top.”

Brent and his wife are involved with their kid’s activities and home repairs when he isn’t at work. He enjoys spending time outdoors, camping, fishing, and being out on the water.

What has been one of your proudest moments working at Price Electric?

I’m proud of all the work that Price Electric did for Cedar Rapids and the surrounding areas after the devastating 2020 Derecho.

The unprecedented straight-line windstorm damaged every corner of Cedar Rapids’ 75-square-mile city. Every resident was impacted in some way.

The state declared the city of Cedar Rapids a food desert.

Price Electric collaborated with the DOT to bring in numerous temporary 1,000 kwh—generators after the storm. We powered the Hy-Vee grocery stores at a crucial time when shoppers needed food and other necessities.

Our team aided multiple facilities to get up and running as they required large power draws. We reconstructed dozens of traffic signal lights, roadway signage, and other critical services destroyed by the high winds.

Where is your hometown?

My hometown is Delhi, Iowa.

Utility Contractor

What are three words to describe Price Electric?

Hard-working people.

What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal is a tenderloin steak, potatoes, and steamed vegetables.

What was the most interesting job you did before working at Price Electric?

I worked at a marina at Lake Delhi as a dockhand. I mainly worked with dockage and lifts.

What was the best vacation you have had?

My best vacation was going to Negril, Jamaica, for our honeymoon.

What has been your favorite project at Price Electric, and why?

The traffic signals on the Hwy. 100 extension project on Edgewood Road. This job was a 2-year project. The project included lots of phasing and erecting of temporary signals throughout. The soil type in that area caused us many challenges for the project. As a result, it was a learning opportunity for me and the company.

What do you like most about Price Electric?

The guys all have great work ethics!

What advice would you give to someone considering a profession at Price Electric?

The challenge will be fulfilling.

Electrical Utility Contractor

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