What is a Journeyman Electrician?



Do you need a light fixture  installed?

Or your fuse box updated?

Do you need new wiring ran?

If so, you need to call Price Electric.

These jobs require a skilled and trained electrician.

They are too risky to perform yourself.

However, do you know what type of electrician you need?

Do you know there are different types of electricians?

Electricians have many different levels of certifications

that qualify them for the job.

Journeyman Electricians 

Journeymen electricians are licensed electricians who have:

  • Completed a training course
  • Worked as an apprentice with a licensed electrician for several years
  • And successfully completed a licensing exam

This training qualifies him or her to work alone on most electrical installations and repairs.

These repairs include residential, commercial, industrial and utility jobs.

Need a Licensed Electrician in Eastern Iowa? Call Price Electric!

We have 24 hour emergency electrical service.

At Price Electric, we employ and train electricians. Our electricians have the top skills and credentials to provide exceptional work.

To learn more about our team of electricians and their qualifications, call us at 319-393-6406.

Or visit us online at www.priceelectric.us.

We’ve been helping homeowners, builders, contractors and engineers with their electrical needs since 1996.

Price Electric will provide you with the best technical expertise for your project at a competitive price.

Chapter 103 of the Iowa Code defines a Journeyman Electrician as “a person having the necessary qualifications, training, experience, and technical knowledge to wire for or install electrical wiring, apparatus, and equipment and to supervise apprentice electricians and who is licensed by the board.’

By completing a Department of Labor apprenticeship program, an electrician has the ability and qualification to conduct all stages of an electrical project.

This includes underground utilities up to the final products.

Many journeymen supervise those going through the apprentice program throughout the entire project. Journeymen are the on-the-job teachers for electrical apprentices. Our apprentices receive over 8,000 hours of training on the job while completing classes one week a month throughout their apprenticeship.

Price Electric apprentices receive their training through ABC, Associated Builders and Contractors.

To schedule service with a certified electrician:

Call Price Electric today at 319-393-6406, x251 or 228.

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